Sea fright is an important service within the comprehensive range of services and is used on a stand-alone basis or as part of a managed supply chain solution.
The clearly defined and established services provided within the product portfolio are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer, from multi-route, multi-modal customers with complex requirements, to customers with one-off shipments requiring route expertise only. OCSY utilizes its global network, expertise and buying power to deliver robust and economic services to all customers, irrespective of their size or scope.


All purchase orders received at OCSY consolidation points will be inspected for damage, quality of packing, correctness of shipping marks, numbers etc. Any discrepancies will be amended accordingly and logged and reported to the customer as soon as possible.

  • OCSY shall pack, secure, and verify quantities of material delivered.
  • Such warehousing facilities will have modern security device
  • Cranes
  • (Upon request) forklift
  • Dangerous Goods safety Advisors/packers and on premises re-packing


Ocsy air freight services delivers cargo to every location around the world served by an airport. Our global partnerships with major air carriers give you priority access to competitive rates and space allocations. The service can be door-to-door with the entire collection, customs clearance and delivery tracked by our secured tracking system, Consolidation and charter services are also available.


At OCSY we have put systems in place over many years where we regularly work with Customs and their advisers to deal in special product such as those which are explosive by nature or which may contain radioactive material.
Export cargo which is not restricted for export cargo is presently subject to NES which is speedier, simpler and less costly than in the past and is more of a benefits to all international companies

Other services which we can provide is the management of records, whereby OCSY provide entries for each import and export and maintain a complete schedule of records for any future Customs audit.


  • General Clearing
  • Handling of customs Clearance of Temporary Importation (T.I)
  • Customs Consulting Services (Tariff Advisor)
  • Export handling based on international rules and regulations
  • Road haulage

OCSY is strongly positioned to manage all freight requirements. Service excellence is assured by utilizing a number of global preferred carriers whose services is monitored on a regular basis.